The lures below are predominantly the Premium Trolling set for Wahoo, Tuna, mahi mahi and marlin in the range. The DTX minnow and Madscad are proven wahoo and tuna catchers, these lures just catch fish, they troll faster and are far stronger than anything else on the market. 

The DTX 200 Minnow dives to 40ft+ and trolls at over 12kn. This is going to get bit before anything else because it trolls deeper and faster than anything else in your spread. Put it the spread next to your favourites and watch it get the bites! 

The Madscad 160g will troll at up to 16kn are are perfect for long range boat trips where a higher troll speed is sometimes needed, and ease of retrieval. If you usually troll something like a marauder, or a Halco 190, then try the Madscad 190 Deep. They feature a full metal plate in the body, not wire, will troll super fast and the action just drives the wahoo and tuna crazy. They are also foam filled, so even after they have caught 20 wahoo, they will still work. They also come with super strong hooks out of the box.  

The madscad 150 is also deadly on tuna and wahoo. It is the strongest small lure you'll find, and if the fish are a bit shy, this 150 trolled or cast is going to get bit when others won't.

The Maverick roughwater 230mm is an amazing trolling lure, and has an action unlike anything else you, or the fish, have ever seen. It trolls best at around 5-7kn. Checkout the Maverick page on the website for hook and rigging options.

The riptide 200 just catches fish, it will break the surface and "skitter" occasionally, and it drives wahoo and yellowfin crazy.

They all come rigged with the world's best hooks, designed and developed in association with Nomad, the BKK range is unmatched for quality and strength.