Unique & Innovative Nomad Designs

If you fish Saltwater and like casting trolling or jigging for Tuna, Wahoo, mahi mahi, stripers, kingfish, amberjack, yellowtail, roosterfish, snook or redfish, we have unique and innovative baits and tackle for you. Launched in 2016, the Nomad Design range is setting a new standard in what saltwater baits should be.
From the patented DTX minnow with Autotune and Hydrospeed technology, to the innovative Maverick casting and trolling lures, through to the Dartwing, madscad riptide and Chug Norris. These are examples of design innovations that set the Nomad Design range apart from the competition. Designed by renowned charter operation Nomad Sportfishing Adventures, the Nomad Design range has been tested in the world's toughest environment on the biggest fish and is up to every challenge.